Last week I ran the Montane Spine ‘Sprint’ a 46 mile/74km race from Edale to Hebden Bridge along the Pennine Way. I wouldn’t have finished so strongly without Jemma’s help. Not only is it a race run in the depths of winter, mostly in the dark, but the mandatory kit list had my bag weighing in at 9kg. In the run up to the race I’d been nursing a few injuries with my knee and ankle. All these things combined were not perfect preparation – I couldn’t run properly until 6 weeks before the event. But Jemma did her research and put together a programme in the gym which I could replicate at home to work on my general strength and to re-hab my injuries. I finished 7th lady in a strong field (around half of the female starters didn’t make it to the finish). And more importantly a day or two later feel well recovered with no niggles whatsoever. Given the conditions on the night (think rain, high winds, ice, snow and even thunder and lightning!) that’s a testament to Jemma’s dedication. Thank you Jemma!


Looking for a friendly but motivational PT? Then look no further! Jemma has the perfect balance between friendly and motivational, she gives you the right reasons to be motivated and can explain why we will be doing the exercises and what muscles we will use.

After being with Jemma since before Christmas, the strength has increased,my body has changed, but on a mental level my confidence has increased, I have learnt to love my body for what I have! I honestly can't imagine going anywhere else

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Despite my 12 weeks being plagued by injury I have;

- Fitted back into clothes I haven't worn for over 5 years and pre children! 

- Gained body confidence

- Refocused on my nutrition and have a better understanding of macronutrients

- Have realised the value of shorter targeted workouts and have seen the changes in my body

- Have sustainable diet and fitness habits to take forward


For me the flexibility of the programme has been key, when you're busy and going through change being on a plan which can work virtually at home or when your away, with children around and completely bespoke to any specific limitations or injuries that arise has been amazing and essential.


Thanks so much for everything, most of all letting my crazy kids into your gym, it's the most inclusive gym environment I've ever been in!! 

Jemma started out as my PT but turned into one of my best friends. She is an absolutely amazing person inside and out. Her knowledge and passion for training really shines through during every session.


She not only pushed me physically but mentally. She helped me get out of my own head so to speak and break down those barriers that so many of us face when it comes to training.