How To Ditch The All Or Nothing Approach To Life

5 Ways To Build Sustainable Changes And Kill Your Goals

We assume that big changes mean big results in life, right? Whether it’s our approach to diets, exercise, or day-to-day life, we hear ‘go hard or go home’ and attribute success to going ‘all out.’ But what if we’re doing it wrong? What if it’s the small, sustainable wins that offer the real key to success?


Like any relationship, commitment is a lifelong practice. And with any commitment, it requires progress and patience. Real change doesn’t come from quick fixes, crash diets, or hardcore exercise programs; it’s the subtle shifts in behavior and habits that offer up long-term results. So, if you’re looking to ditch the ‘all or nothing’ mentality to life once and for all, we’ve got 5 techniques for building a happier, healthier lifestyle.


Our relationship with food is part of life. From juice cleanses to keto, you name the diet, we’ve seen it! Diets can be a useful tool for achieving short-term goals such as going on holiday or competing, for example, but they do not speak ‘success’ for long-term health. When it comes to food, you need to enjoy what you’re putting in your mouth! When we label a food ‘good’, we automatically categorize another as ‘bad.’ Whilst science tells us that we need to be mindful of excess sugar, salt, and fat, consuming these foods in moderation can actually improve our relationship with food. Eliminating food groups completely (unless recommended by a qualified health professional), actually becomes trickier for mindset. Why? Because our mind is a complicated place. When we apply restrictive rules to food, it can begin to look a lot like that big red button we all want to push! This result in negative food cycles such as overeating, restriction, guilt, and punishment. A more sustainable way to maintain (or lose) weight, and keep a good relationship with the plate, is to find balance. Sure, consume adequate protein, drink plenty of water, and avoid regular excess, but remember to enjoy (rather than demonize) your food too!


You don’t need to go balls to the wall 7 days a week to maximize your workout gains. Extreme workouts can feel punishing and lead to burnout; when this happens, we often stop exercising completely! Our tip? Ask yourself why you’re working out. Is it for enjoyment? Social connection? Fitness? This can help you to determine how, and how often, you exercise. Mix it up, try new things, increase your NEAT, incorporate stretch and mobility, and do what feels good, rather than what you think you should be doing!


Goal setting is a useful tool for measuring milestones in all aspects of life. Not only can it help you to identify what you’d like to achieve, but goal setting also helps improve motivation, consistency, and commitment. Remember, as life changes, your goals can too. Avoid ‘all or nothing’ by allowing yourself to adjust the goalposts in your own life; this removes that feeling of restriction and failure.


The problem with ‘all or nothing’ is that it lacks a consistent routine. We go hard while we’re feeling motivated, just to quickly run out of steam. According to James Clear, micro-changes snowball results over time. He states that ‘Habits are the compound of self-improvement.’ Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at University College London, believes that it takes 66 days to build a habit. Once built, a habit provides consistency- a far cry from burnout.


Productivity doesn’t always mean doing more. Surprise! When it’s simple, it’s sustainable. We’ve all heard that less is more, but it’s true- really. Rest, sleep, and active recovery contribute to our body’s ability to adequately repair, recover, and grow. 1 Research even indicates that a nap can improve general performance and energy levels! Whether it’s work, home life, or loved ones, we’re far better humans when we’re performing at our physical and mental best. Need we say more? THE


In the world we live in, there is a lot of pressure to achieve. But doing too much, too soon, can often send us backward, rather than propel us forward. Slow it down, plan your next move, and find yourself happy in the balance.

Happy training guys x

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